How to use UEFI boot mode SuperMicro X9DRI-LN4F

I use the main server SuperMicro X9DRI-LN4F
I want to use UEFI boot mode
What can I do
I have read a few articles saying that I need to update the Firmware or the BIOS
Can someone help me?
I’m very urgent
Thank you very much

I guess you want UEFI because you would like to use your SATA SSD - which is connected to a SATA to PCI Express adapter - for OS installation. (Reference: Your other thread asking for “NVMe support”) Booting in UEFI probably will not automatically solve your problem - avoid using the SATA ports on the adapter, and use the on-board SATA ports instead.

I believe your board has UEFI BIOS and if you really want to boot in UEFI, you can search on Google for how to enable it. (Hint: Look for the keyword “CSM” in your BIOS)

Many thanks for your suggestions
Many thanks