[HowTo] Unlock Hidden BIOS Settings w/o Modding (Insyde Bios tested)

Small xmas present.
No modding needed.

AFAIK this key combination never leaked (if it already did, just delete this thread/post).

To unlock Debug, Advanced and all other hidden tabs for the next boot press:
R+N (while powered off (S5) <- yes, I am for real)
Power on the machine and enter Bios. You should see all tabs than.

Tested with some Ideapads like U330P (or similar) and 720-S ##IKB

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thanks frend gonna try this on my legion after re-locking the bios happy new year btw

do i need to hold the keys while booting up or just press them once? should i enable caps lock before pressing it? it dosen’t seem to work on my other ideapad

Machine is turned off. / Power Off - NOT SLEEP/Standby
Press R+N
Press On
Press F2/F1/Del to enter Bios.

No work for my bios insyde bios