Hp 430 G8 bios bricked after windows update interrupted

This laptop hp 430 G8 was updating windows and in the process interrupted before it completed, it never came on displaywise since. I have tried to get ME cleaned by myself but can’t find the right repository 15.0.45…, is there anyone who can help me

Bios attached in the link 20.62 MB file on MEGA

Have you tried using HP SureStart to revive it? Pretty sure it’s a feature included with that model. Try pressing and holding the Windows and B keys, then press and hold the power button while those keys are held until it either beeps or the screen shows a message.

If this does not work, then try Windows Key + V with power button. Let me know how it goes.

Yes I have but it doesn’t work either

430 G8 EC.bin isn’t EC, it’s a rare combination of some bios region uefi volumes, copy of FD, parts of ME (EFS…), NVRAM related stuff, possibly encrypted (“NvramActiveRegn”).

For 430 G8 MAIN.bin the static parts of the bios region are identical to stock, cleaned ME you already got at badcaps. So no signs of a corrupted firmware in this part.

Noted, thank you. Is it possible that the interruption can kill a processor?

Very unlikely…
Have you seen the revision history of this model bios update… it carries a lot of fw images updates, all over the releases.
Should be no problem getting an EC image at Badcaps…

EDIT: @lfb6 Not really an EC, damm…new stuff

@MeatWar No, that’s not what I meant!

It’s not an EC firmware and it’s neither meant to be one!

THe other images called EC firmware for this model at badcaps seem to have an identical structure, it seems this is part of HPs security measures…

This laptop is such a mystery as at now. I have tried to everything I can. I can’t find any hardware problems my bet is on the bios but none seems to work

Out of curiousity - try this combination of EC firmware and UEFI firmware

Remove ‘.zip’ from the files, 7zip should be able to open the archive

430g8nv.zip.001.zip (7 MB)
430g8nv.zip.002.zip (7 MB)
430g8nv.zip.003.zip (7 MB)
430g8nv.zip.004.zip (1.4 MB)

This forum software has some limitations, but anyway…

Thank you, will try and give feedback