hp 630 black screen and bricked

I have a HP 630 that is black screen and I believe it is bricked. I tired removing battery, ram and tried to install bios through USB but nothing is working no blinking on USB just USB light stays on. windows+B, FN+B none of the method is working. Then I tried to flash bios chip directly with USB Programmer CH341A Series Burner Chip 24 EEPROM BIOS LCD Writer 25 SPI Flash, download the bios from http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/publi…_1&swEnvOid=405… and tried 03672.fd, 03674.fd, 03676.fd one by one but no good luck. The laptop is turning on and GPU chip getting hot I think little bit more hotter than it suppose to be but not sure, if I turn off the laptop still the GPU chip kept hot. Is it the bios problem or something wrong with the GPU chip. Please help me. I attached the actual board and bios chip picture please havea a look. I found two windbond chip on the board one is located opposite side of the GPU chip slightly bigger than the other one and I believe this is the bios chip showing in picture-1 attachment. And the other one is windbond as well located beside of the ram slightly smaller than the other in picutre-2 attachmet. I’m new but I want to learn if something doesn’t make sense please don’t mind and I will explain.



The .fd files are encrypted and include both the SPI and EC images, you can’t flash them directly. Use the InsydeFlash executable to get all of them properly with “Copy BIOS” option. I have attached them below unencrypted. The initial unencrypted file includes both EC and SPI/BIOS. The first 0x20000 (128KB) is the EC and what follows is the SPI/BIOS (0x400000 , 4096KB). Based on these specs for your laptop, you should use the 03672 image.

sp64612_03672.rar (1.86 MB)

Thanks for your help, I did flashed as you guided but still no luck, having black screen and it keeps turning off and on by itself after few seconds first time then few minutes. It automatically turns on as soon as I connect the power cord. Do you have any other suggestion please. For more information I measured the voltage of SPI-BIOS chip, you may understand pin: 1(3.3V), 2(3.3V), 3(3.3V), 4(0V), 5(0V), 6(0V), 7(3.3V), 8(3.3V) seems to me its not right. Could you have a look please. Thanks again.