HP Compaq 6715b bios bin password remove

Greetings all, pls I need assist with a bios bin, I have downloaded several bins for Compaq 6715b
( Product: Compaq 6715B
p/n: RM350UT#ABA
s/n: CNU81939CS
but only the backed up bin is able make the laptop display… So I tried removing the bios password with hex editor, the PC still won’t display or password will remain if it does. Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, can someone pls help me. The original bin i backed up has
hp compaq 6710b
When viewed in hex editor but the laptop is 6715b from the screen cover

Humm… a quick search on the web seems that the 15B is AMD based ( ROM ID 68YTT) and the 10B Intel based (ROM ID 68DDU).
Some chassis can accommodate other motherboards (AMD vice versa INTEL) depending on the port layout and fix point…so could it be changed before?
What do you have under the hood?
Bioses will not be compatible…

Passwords reset seems quite easy in these older models, remove CMOS battery under the keyboard and bridge the ± on the battery holder to force clear/reset.

I’ve tried bios reset, removing cmos, even tried shorting clk n data of d bios chip to gnd wen plugged to power… Wat do u mean by short d + & - of d CMOS is it wen d PC is plugged?

You have a bad translator…very bad or its on purpose.
Where did you ever heard in the world, shorten a CMOS holder +/- with AC power to a system board???

Is the system booting? Is it flashed correclty? Do have access to bios setup F10?

Oh by the way, google and Youtube are your “friends”

And if this is a tryout hobby… leave it for the ITs…they also work for living… cause you dont seem to be much TECH to me with such remarks, sorry but it is as it is.
User forums is made of users and its made on their own limits, we cant teach a cat how land if is not a feline.
Good luck.

I meant, I soldered a wire to the 4th, 5th and 6th pin of the bios chip (short circuit d pins), to try and bypass the power-on password on, it only freeze’s d PC but did not work. I’ve used this method on ibm x61 to bypass and remove bios password.
And NO I cannot access the bios setup f10 BCOS of the power-on password. I’ve tried converting bios driver with . exe to ROM using hxd editor still did not work
Tried YouTube n Google… I don’t know if anything is missing that I’ve tried or maybe I’m just getting it wrong that’s y I’m here asking for help

Get the motherboard schematic and check if theres an Security chip apart on the motherboard, the X61 has it…but i never recall of this HP series having a security chip like the T6x or the X6x…
You should short the pins randomly…

Setup Password HP compaq 6715b - YouTube

Read the damm service manual and the page 49…
c02834030.pdf (hp.com)


In board view if it has the CN20, its the extra security chip, cant help you more.
This chip will not be cleared in anyway.