HP dv6 laptop bios doesn't see USB 3.0 flashdrives

I have a old HP Pavilion DV6 (2012?) laptop that apparently can’t see USB 3.0 Flash drives natively from the bios. Once booted into an OS drives show up fine. I’d like to to be able to boot these as usb 3.0 from bios. If I put a short USB2.0 extension onto the drive they are recognized and boot (but of course at usb 2.0 speeds).

Is this a feature that can be easily added to a bios?


edit: model dv6-6c10us
win 10 device manger shows 2 USB3.0 Root hubs and 2 usb3.0 eXtensible host controllers present if that means anything.

edit2: I tested with both I had readily available - JMicron Tech USB 3.2 (128gig) and Team USB3.2 Flash Drive (128gig). Neither is seen by the bios when plugged into a USB3 port. Both are seen if plugged into USB 2.0 port or if USB extension reduces speed to USB 2.0.

edit3: bios is F.1A Insyde 6/22/2012

DV6 is a very long (old) series from HP with several hardware generations, so do you think we can identify your model and check for USB3.0 support, with just “2012?”.
Im sure that you already noticed the battery compartment or bottom chassis with labels on it…

Any USB3.0 drive will work in USB2.0 ports in OS, now the question is does in fact your DV6 already have an USB3.0 controller on it and if so, does HP bios was prepared to boot from USB3.0 ports.

And you cant add nothing to bios, you can unlock it if present in the code, if possible.

EDIT: OK seems to have a controller, now have you tried several USB3.0 drives models/brands?
Boot the USB3 with what on it?

Some models from this generation 2011/2012 didnt allowed USB3.0 only 2.0, UEFI implementation was still on transition from the OEMs…

EDIT: Dont stay only by my opinion, research it a bit more and some tryouts.

Looks Like I may just have to live with it. Thanks for replies.

edit: This is about the only reference I’ve found to match my situation. I can’t access the HP archive and this particular hack doesn’t work for me as flash drive isn’t found after moving it to a 3.0 port.