HP Elitebook 820G3 - ME Firmware update problem after BIOS update

Hello, dear members.
My PC is HP Elitebook 820 G3 laptop with i7, OS Win 10 x64…
Before installing the additional memory module, I wanted to update the BIOS to the last one (as recommended by HP). There was no error message on the update and now BIOS shows the latest version 1.59. But now the system start takes a very long time ~ 1 min, the cooler is working at full speed, and with the following error messages before the Windows starts: (a7) me fw downgrade - request mespilock failed, then, after some time error sending end of post message to me heci disabled proceeding with booting
After booting Windows, laptop works fine.
I understand that HP BIOS update hasn’t embedded Intel Management Engine Firmware update now (sad but true), tried to update ME Firmware under the Windows using the HP official softpack SP143672 (ME FW version - doesn’t working, the error: system is not match prerequisites to update mefw
Of course, the problem is known and I spent a lot of time reading subject topics on the HP support site, which was a waste of time. Then I started reading about the problem on this forum, but still don’t clear understand the steps to solve it. I understand that a corrupted ME region in the BIOS should appear as zeros in the ME FW version and Windows Device Manager don’t shows the Intel Management Engine Section.
But what I find strange in my case:
1.There is no Intel Management Engine section in Device Manager at all
2. But HWInfo64 utility shows :
-Intel ME Status: Enabled
-Intel ME Version: v11.8 Build 3781, Hotfix 81

3. Also HP Image Assistant uitlity, which compare target PC with some “reference” HP image shows:
Intel Management Engine Firmware:

Thus, the current version of ME FW is, newest one is
This means that ME fw is present and activated, it just needs to be updated to the new version, doesn’t it ? But why Intel Management Engine missing in the device manager and why is the ME FW update failed?
Found a recommendation to remove the laptop battery for a while - didn’t help.
Will anyone suggest, is it possible to fix this problem without the programmer and re-soldering the BIOS chip? I haven’t this skills (unfortunately).
I would be glad to get advice from gurus, as @plutomaniac
Thank you so much to all for any reply.

Use the best tool on this forum…“The search box”

Lets try a search: “me fw downgrade - request mespilock failed”

EDIT: So… by that you may have got to the conclusion that the ME FW image/partition is corrupted and needs to be cleaned/reinitialized…
-Outdated FW is not an issue on what happend to you and to a lot lot more users…your not alone… as you noticed.
-Updating and yes can be outside of the softpack will not correct your issue. Dont try it cause it gets as it is or worst.
-Only with access to bios regions we can use the Intel FPT tool… last resource SPI programmer. OEMs locks usually prevents this.
-Read the guides and posts related to HP machines and access/unlock methods if possible.
-The FPT tool can report the current access and permissions without change anything in the current system state, for tryouts.

EDIT: " 1. Is this problem solvable at all without hardware programmer and soldering BIOS chip?
If this is absolutely necessary, it is unfortunately an impossible task for me."

Well what you’re seeing here, we can say that its a TI techshop task…and they work for living also… the forum has tools/guides and experienced users that shared their experiences and some advanced users can solve it…still, the forum is not a free remote repair shop… but as all users, you can succeed and get a repaired system, it all depends on resources, dedication and learning.
Good luck.

Thanks for the good advice :slightly_smiling_face:. Already read threads via exact search query. Again, what, I don’t understand:

  1. Why a normal bios update, which passed without errors (!!), causes this problem? Although this question is not for you, but for HP programmers :face_vomiting:.
  2. Why utilities show presence of enabled ME Engine, although with firmware of outdated version, but it is not present in Device Manager?
  3. Is it possible to update ME Firmware not from HP softpack, but other way?
  4. Is this problem solvable at all without hardware programmer and soldering BIOS chip?
    If this is absolutely necessary, it is unfortunately an impossible task for me.