Hp g2 600 how to Enable KVM

Hi !
This HP G2 600 have not the KVM option in MEI We want to be able to manage with Mesh commander.
Someone have a software solution ?

Which chipset, processor, network card?

Network card is Intel I219-LM
The chipset is Q150

Q150= standard manageability, no vpro/AMT

I already know this. Thx for sharing.
I also know that we can modify bios or firmware by updating with file. We 've ever done that with Dell 7020, 2 years ago from here.

Why don’t you search for “DELL 7020 AMT”?

But again: Chipset, processor and network card have to be vpro compatible for KVM and Q150 isn’t- and you didn’t mention the type of processor… In addition of course ME firmware type.

The only story about a Dell 7020 I can find here is about a PC with a Q87 chipset, a i5-4690 processor- and those are fully vpro compatible so that vpro can be enabled in ME.

Otherwise there are lots of descriptions here within the forum. If you still think that it might be possible