HP laptop 15-CS3034NB corrupted bios


I have a HP laptop model 15-CS3034NB the model nr of the mainboard : DAG7BLMB8D0 Rev. D that is not starting anymore after doing Windows updates.I have selected install updates and shutdown.
The next day i wanted to start laptop and only Caps Lock LED is flashing in code when i check the error → Bios.
So i am looking for a replacement Bios for this laptop wich is only a few years old.
I have removed the Bios from the mainboard and read it with a bios programmer so i have the crashed original in a file but not know if this is not completly corrupted.
But i dont know what to do.
Downloading the latest bios from the HP website will not do it since the Serial nr , Mac , Id ,… should be entered .
I have found a utility FD44 (or something like that) that can read those info from the bios file but this is for Asus not for HP.

Is there someone that can give me advise what i can do.


Please post the dump of the firmware.

Are you sure that this is a good / valid read? Did you read at least 2 times with 100% identical result and OK structure in UEFIToolNE?

If not sure dump the chip again, you’ll need the content if you possibly want to keep S/N, service tag…

I have read and it was 100% ok i am sure but i cannot read again because i have already overwritten for trying with another Bios.

I have several copies of the crashed bios image.

Cannot post it here because i am a new user.

I have pasted a print screen of UEFIToolNE where i opened the bios and when opening no errors.


You can post a link to other storage providers like google drive, mega.nz…


Here by We transfer link :



Well, nothing to see of failed updates, update log seems to be OK, static bios parts are 100% identical to stock bios. You might try the attached file (empty NVRAM and ME of stock bios)

HP_ME_NVR.zip (7.5 MB)


I have downloaded the file you have attached but after clicking on it there is a message that the zip is not valid. Can you please send ik again.

the file you have sent is this for programming into the bios chip instead of the normal one ?

The Caps Lock is blinking 5 long blinks and 3 short wich my idea is bios as a found it someware.
Because it is there just after a normal shutdown after installing updates it would be verry rare that at that point there is a hardware issue i think.

I remember that there where also HP support Assist updates , i did also those . So maybe there was bios update in this section .

any advice is mostly welcome . Thanks.

Laptop is from my neighbour and i had promissed to install all the updates… so he has given it to me 100% working and i had to tell him that it is not working anymore …

So i wanted to resolve it .


HP Desktop PCs - Computer beeps or a light blinks during startup | HP® Customer Support

HP Notebook PCs - Computer beeps or a light blinks during startup | HP® Customer Support

Review the following to reference the light blink or computer beep sequence.

  • The red caps lock light blinks represent a major error category (long blinks).
  • The white caps lock light blinks represent a minor error category (short blinks).
  • On systems that do not have a dual-color light, both long and short blinks are white.

In all the bios blink codes they speak of red led and white led .On this laptop there is only white led in the caps lock so i am not sure the blink code is correct for this model …
But if it is correct toen there is a bios issue i think.

I can download the file and the content is identical to what it’s supposed to be. (7z packed)

The file is your original dump with empty NVRAM and re-initialized ME.

NVRAM of your dump has several hundred invalid entries MemoryOverwriteRequestControl and changes in boot order. That’s a lot and might look like someone or somewhat tried to fiddle with this machine.

Sorry my fault , opened file with Windows Standard unzip …
Will try ASAP en let know the result. Thanks

Well, this file wont help you either, it’s not related to UEFI firmware:

I’d love to get told the complete story including what has been done / tried other places, too, that could save a lot of time. Especially when discussing how to post the dump you could’ve easily linked to the file posted on badcaps more than a month ago :roll_eyes:

I have posted this same file on Badcaps i think it was in februari. I have recieved a file from someone that has been changed to try without result.
Since it was not working my neighbour has bought another laptop and so the pressure was off to get it repaired directly he want it repaired of course.
Since i found this board on a youtube where i was watching i tought to post my same case here again.
So do i program the chip with the file you have provided ?
I need to remove the chip from the board because my TL866ii programmer will not program the chip with the clip when the chip is on the board.