HP ML330 g6 server (rompaq)

I have a HP ML330 g6 server spare and I’m wondering would it be possible to preform an SLIC mod.

The server is spare form a work upgrade to a new ml110 so I’m not worried if it ends up dead non recoverable as I was given it to play with as it is just sitting there doing nothing.

I have preformed a RW report and dumped the bios out of the Rompaq container in to a bios.rom image provided from a download at HP.
I have then dumped the bios using the universal bios backup tool kit and verified the two match after stripping off the upper 4mb backup image.

The bios is structured in a 8mb and the first half is the normal bios and the second half is backup bios image that ilo flashes back automatically if the bios becomes corrupt I believe.

I have attempted to open it with the tools available from Andy but as you would expect it wont open the custom HP bios image.

I have opened the bios in a hex editor and there is plain human readable text in there so I don’t think it is encrypted in any way.

Where to go to from here as I have no idea where to start but I’m keen to have a play and get dirty as you would say?

I am sorry, but we do not support any SLIC mod requests.
You should better ask here: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/forums/25-BIOS-Mods

Sorry I did not know it was a taboo subject.

but one think I would really love is to to get rid of the hp option roms and switch to intel ones I’m guessing there are no such tools to work with this bios?

All Option ROM modules, which are needed/suitable for your on-board Intel Controllers, are made by Intel and not by HP, but HP decides, which Intel Option ROM version is inserted into the original BIOS.

There may be a tool, which is able to modify the BIOS of your HP ML330 G6 Server, but I don’t know it.
AFAIK any modification of such BIOS is neither easy nor harmless.