HP Notebook 15-e081sa. 30 minute shut-down problem

HP Notebook 15-e081sa. 30 minute shut-down problem.
Main board has 2 flash roms - 4MByte with ME region etc, 1MByte with EC/BIOS.
I have removed both from mainboard, dumped them with external programmer
and merged them with 1MByte dump added to the end of the 4MByte.
Intel’s File Image Tool successfully run on merged dump, but I get only one outimage.bin
of 4MByte length. I was expecting 3 files:
outimage.bin of 5MBytes,outimage1.bin of 4MBytes and outimage2.bin of 1MByte.
Does FITC just output the one ME file if there’s no change to the bios?

Its ME8, work with the ME region only according the guide.
As long as you know that bios region is ok…

EDIT: Glad you made it.

Impossible to answer without looking into the files. EC firmware is normally not used for FIT and shouldn’t be messed with if not defined as separate region.

Thanks for your response to my question.
As access to the audio chip on this notebook requires the mainboard to be removed,
I did so but extracted both flash roms instead of using the “Pinmod” technique. I dumped
both with an external programmer, kept the 1MByte BIOS image intact and carried out
Plutomaniac’s procedure on the 4MByte chip. I then programmed both the old BIOS
image and the processed ME image onto new chips and put the whole notebook back together.
I’m pleased to say that the problem has been resolved and the notebook is working well.

An excellent set of instructions from plutomaniac - great work.

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