I have HP Omen 15 2020 R7 4800H RTX2060 (TDP MODDED FROM 100W to 115W) 2x8 ddr4

BIOS, SIG and some ifr extracte txt files

I would like to tweak some values in the bios using RU EFI and I need your help guys.

I have extracted bios from HP exe file downloaded from support site, loaded into Uefi tool and used ifr tool so I could see and explore hidden uefi varibles.
I have extracted PCIDynamic. Setup and AMD CBS for the vars.

From PCI I have
succesfully enabled above 4g decode at pci COMMON VAR 0x3 00 TO 01

From Setup
succesfully disabled SVM mode var 0xB1 01 to 00
succesfully disabled C6 mode var 0xB3 01 to 00
Tried Disabling CPB but HWINFO still shows that it is enabled despite changing var 0xB4 01 to 00

From AMD CBS aka AMDSetup I have
succesfully disabled C-state global control VAR 0x24 0x3 TO 00 ( all cores are going into C1 state instead C6 and finaly there are no micro hangs when waking up from idle and little boost to 4k speeds on ssd)
I THINK succesfully force enabled L1/L2 Sream HW prefetcher from auto at vars 0x3E and 0x3F 0x3 to 0x1
I THINK succesfully disabled PBO VAR 0xDE 0xF TO 00 as I am seeing some differences in voltage in HWinfo but I may be wrong

But there are some other nice things to tweak there, but there are no changes after setting values in RU, for example
MEM timings:
first mem oc var 0x53 from FF TO 01
tcl 0x55 from FF TO 15 (I have 3200 cl 22-22-22-52-1T, I wanted to try at first timings 21-21-21-50-1t)
trcdrd 0x56 from FF TO 15
trcdwr 0x57 from FF TO 15
trp 0x58 from FF TO 15
tras 0x59 from FF TO 32
Gear down mode var 0x81 from FF TO 00
Cmd 0x80 from FF TO 00
uclk div1 mode for uclk==memclk so var 0xDD from FF TO 01
There are also some interesting options like FCLK clock at 0xDB and option called OC MODE at var 0x35 with 3 options OC MODE 1/2/3

Am I missing something with mem timings/UCLK/FCLK and OC MODE???

I was also looking for some voltage offset to put some little undervolt on cpu but failed to find varrible, maybe there is may be not but if someone finds one please tell me

Best regards