HP OMEN Laptop 16t-wf000 modify bios to unlock undervolting

So I recently purchased the Omen 16t-wf000 with the 13700Hx processor with the intention of undervolting the CPU. Long story short my trip down the rabbit hole led me needing to modify the bios to disable the undervolt protection and unlock overclocking which has lead me here.

The bios I’m trying to modify is: https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp147501-148000/sp147934.exe

Using the UEFITool and IRFExtractor I was able to find the settings I need to change but booting to grub boot.efi and running setup_var PchSetup 0x1C 0x0 gives me “Unable to write data error 0x0000000000000008”

So I’m assuming the bios is write protected. I’m reading the HP bios are also RSA encrypted. I found a program bioscreator.com that supposedly lets me unencrypt and modify the bios and then some how I can flash it back to the chip.

My questions are is this possible with only software, do I need a programmer (didn’t know what this was an hour ago), has anyone done something similar am I even on the write track?

This is all new to me and maybe better to just look for a laptop that already allows undervolting and overclocking with the same CPU but my tinker side has me curios and I’d like to make it work if possible. I appreciate in advance you taking the time to answer me. Thank you!

Hey man I have the same problem but on my hp pavillion gaming laptop. Have you found any solution yet?

finally found a guide without modifying bios.
Try this https://www.reddit.com/r/AcerNitro/comments/l6d4mi/unlock_uv_on_intel_10th_gen_for_nitro_5_within/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb