HP P822 RAID controller in a non HP system

Has any one here played around with a HP P822 RAID controller, I recently got one and installed it on a ASUS P9X79-E WS motherboard and couldn’t get it to work properly, I was wondering if anyone managed to get one to work on a non HP system? or if it required some component that is only on HP motherboards and not on mine.

The card is a 6GB/S has 24ports SAS3 2GB cache.

It installed and the HP software recognized the card and it showed all the hard drives attached to it (6 x 2TB HGST). Went through the motions to select a RAID 5 setup, (5+1 spare) but problem started when it would not initialize the drives, one of the error messages was card in diagnotics? said unrecognized slot, so did a couple of shuffles but didn’t work either, tried to upgrade the firmware and got the message " missing component", hence that is why I suspect that there is some component on the HP boards that is not on mine.

Has anyone had any success in running this card?