HP Pavillion Desktop Gaming PC 2021 - more CPU support

Would anyone be willing to mod a bios for the HP Pavillion to include more CPU support ?

Currently it only supports 3 CPUs, runs on a B550 chipset, so it should be possible to add older CPU’s as well as 5xxx series non-G CPU’s ?


Link to BIOS:


Support page link:


This is the same motherboard ROM iD as the HP Pavillion Desktop Gaming PC: SSID: 8906

If u want that someone give it a look u should share the bios or link to correct support page product.

EDIT: Some HP bios r hard to flash it back as MOD or unlock/restrictions by OEM to access regions, AGESA is always a problem also… even with mcode added.

Sorry in my haste I forgot to include the link. Post updated now