HP Prodesk 400 G1 SFF NVME Boot Support


I want to have a boot NVME disk at my HP Prodesk 400 G1 SFF.

I read the article, https://www.tachytelic.net/2023/03/hp-elitedesk-800-g1-nvme-ssd/, but the bios are different. The characteristics of my computer are:

I run the next command:

And all it’s OK

I modified the bios with UEFITOOL 0.28 to insert NVMEExpressDXE_Small.ffs and Ok, but when I’m going to flash the modified bios I obtain the next error:

The BIOS start at 0x210000, but I don’t know whats the value for the -L parameter.

I guess it’s necesary to save an original BIOS with parameter, fptw64 -A 0x210000 -L yyyyyy -D Bios.bin

The original BIOS with the parameter -BIOS is :
BackupBios.zip (3.5 MB)

The BIOS with the NVME driver is:
BackupNVMEBios.zip (3.5 MB)

@Fernando could you help me?

Any idea? Thanks in advance

Welcome to the Win-Raid Forum!
Here are my comments:

1. Insertion of the NVMe module into your mainboard’s BIOS
You obviously didn’t follow my Guide (look >here<).
As you can see by comparing the below screenshots, you have inserted the NVMe module into a wrong location (not below the undermost listed module of the “DXE Driver Volume” with a GUID header).
By the way - this mistake wouldn’t have happened, if you would have let the AMI MMTool do the job (the AMI Aptio UEFI Tools find the correct target location for inserted EFI modules automaticly).

a) your modded BIOS with the wrongly inserted NVMe module:

b) the same BIOS with correctly inserted NVMe module:

2. Sort of the inserted NVMe module
As you can see above, there is no need to insert the “small” NVMe module. I had no problem to get the “normal” NvmExpressDxe_5.ffs inserted.

3. Flashing of a modded HP BIOS:
Since I have never had an HP mainboard, I cannot help you regarding the best and safest BIOS flashing procedure.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Did you manage to get it working? Before I even attempt…