HP ProDesk 600 G2 Mini PC External Device Unlock via BIOS? $25

Hello everyone! I have been stressing over this for a while now and I can’t quite think of what else to do. I am offering $25 to anyone that
can assist me with modding/finding a modded BIOS for my HP ProDesk G2 Mini. Long story short, I am trying to connect an eGpu (NVMe m.2 - M Key) adapter
into the computer, to run a video card off of that port. Its more of a ‘I want to get this done’ kind of thing, rather than it being practical.
I know that if I can get this to work, I’ll fall in love with it. After reading the same 15 forum posts on the entire web, similar to my issue… (doesnt seem
common) it has been unanimously decided that going with the WW/WLAN m.2 port for my eGPU is the only option that works without any fiddling. ONLY because
HP Whitelists devices from being accessed through the NVMe port, or something of the sort. I figured if I had an unlocked BIOS, then I could disable integrated
graphics, and that would then solve my issue. I am trying to avoid the DIY 1.3x workaround because that does limit performance in an already limited system.

I am under the impression that the reason the whitelist even exists, is that of a moneygrab on HP’s behalf - or they’re complying to the FCC’s regulations.
Just a way to get around external devices being attached is the goal.

Or if anyone knows what setting/change I would need to change/make in order for my G2 Mini to work with external NVMe devices, OTHER than a boot device.
THANK YOU! You’re saving my scalp.

I would attach the latest BIOS file I could, but A. I am not sure where to actually find the BIOS file, I searched for a while and couldnt find the stock firmware? B. The site doesnt allow .exe, and that is all I have pertaining to software. HP ProDesk 600 G2 Mini i5-6500T