HP ProDesk 600 G2

I have a HP ProDesk 600 G2 machine that is bricked as a result of a Windows update BIOS update. I have a CH341 programmer and expected it to be fairly easy to manually flash a BIOS to it but there is a rather large difference in size between the HP BIOS update bin and the chip memory size. Researching that led me to these forums where I learn that apparently the HP update file is only a partial file and it has to be stitched together with other components to make a useable file.

So here I am, begging for the grace and assistance of someone who knows what they are doing because this seems like a gigantic subject. Attached you should find a link to my backups of the BIOS that will not boot along with the latest HP update file. Would someone be so kind as to help me out please? Thank you in advance. Much appreciated.

https ://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1b2CeXG9uXfgfnSa94rcjR1-93u5b2Fty?usp=sharing

Hi friend, before all we to find a Firmware that working well on your pc and then we will change the System Data with yours , so try this one :


Lwt me know

Thank you for the assistance. I am writing it now. I assume that I am just wanting to verify that it will boot with this .bin file flashed? Or is there something else I should be verifying?

It attempted to boot and is past the corrupted BIOS issues but it showing “A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed”. I assume that is the result that we were looking for?

If you have a moment could you give me a synopsis of exactly what you are doing or what needs to be done so I can have a chance of being able to do it myself if this pops up again? I attempted to read through some of the how-to threads but it is an absolutely massive amount of information to digest.

@BDMaster , did you have a chance to finish up the firmware?

Sorry, I am not trying to be a bother. I appreciate you volunteering to help me on this. But I also know how forgetful that I am and know that I frequently forget to come back to things that I meant to do later. :slight_smile:

Thanks again. I really do appreciate it.

hello friend! I ran into a similar problem and on this itap I’m stuck like you too

Try to flash by SPI Programmer (CH341A) the firmware , but before make a dump of yours to store it for System Data.



If you look above in my initial post I included a link (well, I had to add a space to get around the block on me posting links) with a backup of my stock BIOS. Is that what you are needing?


That should be a direct link to the backup I made when I started all of this. If there is anything else that you need, I am happy to do whatever is necessary and thank you for your help up to this point.