HP t630 thin client unlock hidden menus

I am able to read and write the ROM using freedos/flashrom just fine. All the goodies are in Setup_body_IFR but this is all

Form Sets
Offset: Title:
0x19094 Setup (0x7)

any pointers?

flashrom_dump.rar (3.47 MB)

I fumbled through several guides and was able to get the more advanced menu unlocked, which in turn luckily gave the the PCIe option that prevented this t630 from constantly rebooting after installing an M.2 ethernet adapter.

Any chance you could post the patched ROM to get these hidden menus available? Running into the same problem.

Can you kindly share what settings did you changed in the moded bios to enable installation of M.2 ethernet adapter?

I have this unit HP T630. I am trying to get an NGFF (M.2 Key A+E to mini pcie adapter/converter) dual ethernet card to work, but it isn’t being recognized. I have tried two different converters with two different dual ethernet modules, but no luck. I was able to successfully flash the bios with the one you attached in your post (flashrom_dump.rar), hoping that it is the moded bios, but it seems it isn’t? The settings I see in the bios are exactly the same as the official HP bios I originally had on the system. I don’t see any advanced menus.

Do you have that moded bios else where? In the moded bios, is the whitelist removed for the m.2 wifi slot? Would you care to share how you got to the Advanced Menu?