HP Z200 - Manufacturer Mode and Shutdown every 30 minutes

Wow. It seems there are a LOT of people with Intel ME problems.

Anyway, I was “kicked over” from the HP Community Forum after posting about my situation there; but they said Win-Raid solves problems, so here I am…

Very simple. I pulled out an old HP Z200 to set up a “distance learning” machine for the family; but it was running a BIOS version from 2013-14, since I never updated it. Therefore, I decided to check HP.com and they had a BIOS firmware update from 2016 and an ME firmware update from 2017.

I figured it would be a good idea to update all firmware after 2013; but after installing these two in the above order my machine now boots in “manufacture mode” and shuts down after 30 minutes exactly. After reading other posts and receiving a reply on HP.com, the consensus is that I have corrupted the ME platform.

The machine boots up fine. I installed 2x4GB RAM. Popped in a nVidia 600 Quadro. Runs great. Fast and smooth. Windows 10 Pro. No problems; but it shuts down every 30 minutes and I noticed that the ME platform options have disappeared from the BIOS settings.

It seems I am not the only one; but how does one go about “fixing” the ME firmware? Also, I installed the ME firmware update through the Windows Update Tool…

ME firmware - Rev.A - SP81826

The machine boots fine and runs great, so it is just “something” forcing a shutdown every 30 min and I cannot access any ME options. But if it is borked, then maybe that is it…

Can someone help?

Another bricked Z200 because of the same HP mistake that has existed for 3 years now. Read Z200 switches off after 30 minutes - unable to Ctrl-P or flash ME firmware, especially the 2nd page. You need to re-flash the ME firmware or the entire SPI/BIOS chip to fix this. Check if you have read access to the ME region of the SPI/BIOS chip by following [Guide] Unlock Intel Flash Descriptor Read/Write Access Permissions for SPI Servicing. Maybe your motherboard has a service jumper (step E2) so use that if possible. Otherwise, this can be solved quickly if you have a programmer like the person from the aforementioned thread. Searching the forum Z200 will get you many other results/cases of the same problem by the way.

Thanks for responding and I went ahead and read the links you referenced, as well as some other ones to get more information. Some quick notes:

Checked my BIOS and it states:
ME Firmware Version:

Booted into DOS
Ran MEInfo and it states:

Ran MEFWsts and it states: Error 9255: Fail to read FW Status Register value 0xFFFFFF

The mismatch on the ME Firmware version being displayed with no status available is already an obvious problem.

Also, I read through the other posts and just a footnote; but I have the Z200 SFF which has BIOS v1.19 (786H4) as the latest meanwhile the “others” seem to have the STD Z200 as they keep mentioning BIOS v1.22 (786H3)
Are these at all compatible? Just curious…

I went ahead and did BOTH a DOS and CD BIOS flash; but as you mentioned in other posts this is not related to ME although I figured I would give it a shot. Maybe an ME DOS flash back to the original version?
But I cannot find any firmware copies…

Finally, I cannot upload images; but I checked my board for that Service Jumper and @lwoody7110 photo shows E15, while my board shows E16 with 7 nubs. But it clearly shows “ROM RCVRY” so I have to figure out which nubs to “connect” - MS-7557 ver 2.0 - motherboard.


I might be the first trying to “fix” a Z200 SFF

Reading another thread; but I just want to remove that Watchdog Timer…

Yes, I suspect that the ROM RCVRY jumper is what you need to enable read/write access to the ME firmware region of the SPI/BIOS chip and re-flash it. Maybe this helps: