HP Z4 G4 xeon brick

My director did a bios update on his z4 g4 xeon workstation last week and bricked the bios. Hp sure recovery might or might not have been disabled… he can’t remeber :expressionless:. He boots the computer and receives a 2 long 3 short bios error. He removed the bios chip a mx25l12873f and attempted to reprogram it with a tl866ii programmer and never name a backup :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: . After putting the chip back in He still receives the 2,3. We then loaded the hp bios update utility and created a recovery usb. Putting the USB in the pc and turning it on has no effect, and key combinations don’t do anything either “win+B win+v up+down+escape hitting the power button two times in under two seconds” all combinations I found online. Ihave a few blank mx25l12873f chips in stock, but flashing them with the bin file doesn’t solve the issue just creates a new one bios error 2 long 4 short. I have the exact same model workstation. Could I take the bios chip from my pc clone it and flash that to a new mx25l12873f. Please anyone :pray: I am desperately in need of guidance on this one. Any help is much appreciated!!!