Hp z420 Unlock overclocking

Hey, Would it be possible to mod this HP z420 bios to unlock overclocking capablities? and / or Ram settings?
I will be able to flash bios with programmer.
Thank you

Edit: link to original bios: https ://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp100501-101000/sp100699.exe

backup-z420.rar (5.84 MB)

Anybody able to help ?

What you can do is extract the BIOS and have a look at some tables that deal with those kind of things. Who knows what setting you can toggle in a UEFI shell. I’ll have a look for you later but if you’re not familiar with UEFI shells it maybe not be route you want to take. And it’s not really a BIOS mod. You’re just setting options in a UEFI shell that the BIOS is hiding from you.

Lots of people want their BIOS modded here, and as it seems only one person is doing the modding so we have to be patient.

Do you have a link to the original BIOS? The one you attached has a checksum error when I open it up here.

Nevermind, found a download already!

@Frostis :
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Although I like short thread titles, the one you have chosen is too short. Please add what you request (e.g. "unlock overclocking options").
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

I found a section called “advanced” in the BIOS rom, I’m not sure how much of that is already in the BIOS. But there are quite a few options to toggle and play with.

You can see them here. I suggest you download it as text file and open it in an editor that doesn’t break the lines for easier reading.

Stovorsen, im very inexperienced unlocking those settings so are you able to unlock advanced settings menu?
Attached image of currently available menus in advanced settings.


Sorry I’m not able!

You can try DIY and see how far you get, just don’t do any flashing until you know the ins and outs.

The settings in the advanced section I found in the bios file are not very special though. Change IRQ stuff, nothing exciting as far as I can see. Might not be worth spending the time/effort “unlocking” it but maybe I missed something. I’m also learning.