Hp z800 broken help me please

Hello everyone, I have a problem with an HP z800, the power supply broke because when it turned on it gave me a red light and 4 beeps, but luckily I put a spare power supply from a z820 in it that works when empty… .but the pc doesn’t turn on (hoping they are compatible, because they have different abbreviations in the z800 there was dps-1050 db a while that of the z820 is dps-1125ab a) probably the motherboard is broken, I tried to disconnect all the various peripherals but nothing. My big problem is recovering the 3 raid 5 disks… I installed them in a z820 but it doesn’t see them as raid…how can I do?

I thank you in advance for your sure cooperation


No idea???

Hello @Robocop1,

Not many people here will have Z800.

Here is the Diagnostic help fhom HP


If the data is important I would try to find another power supply to test.

This is the problem with RAID. It is great if a drive dies, not so good if the machine dies.

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what about raid recovery? do you have any ideas on how to do this? A thousand thanks

HW chipset/bios config RAID mounted or soft/driver/OS mounted?
RAID arrays have their own specific settings related to each ways as they were set initial on a system…
HW/CHIPSET/Bios set of a motherboard or OS RAID by app/driver.
The first option will be unlikely impossible on a different system, even with same chipset but not the same bios/settings and board design, my point of view only, wait for other answers, im not a RAID fan boy (RAID 0 yes…not others) … even when it was a “peak” for personal end users before WD Raptor disks or SSDs…
This doesn’t sound right for a “WinRaid” user forum… gonna get kicked for sure hehehe, sorry “boss”

3 disks in Raid 5. It has the option for ICH10 or a controller raid LSI SAS 1068E. Not sure what config the OP has used.