Hp zbook 15 g2 nvme support

I have hp zbook 15 g2 i7 4810mq
I want to install nvme ssd on m.2 port.does it support nvme? Which one must install?is there configuration must do?
the hwinfo :


Inside same model of HP there can be some different revisions of mainboard, some only support SATA M.2 SSD instead of NVMe…u can test a NVMe ssd as storage device
on that connector, before any mods to bios.
HP specs only states as storage device option, a Z Turbo Drive 256 GB, PCIe Solid State Drive…
Are u sure it doesnt support its already…i did saw in latest bios and older from 2014, an GUID: PcieSsdPresent, but no reference to NVNe

The tricky part could be the flashing a mod bios, on some HP models RSA signed.

The mod itself maybe… easy with UEFItool, but this bios is tricky: [HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS