HP Zx00 workstation BIOS module swap

Greetings, I have an HP Z600 workstation and the RAID option ROM is very old and kind of useless. It appears to me that HP decided to roll their own BIOS format. There also doesn’t appear to be any information on modifying these BIOS files on the internet, let alone replacing ROM modules in them. The structure -appears- to be simple (binary blobs padded with 0xFF), and I’m willing to test/work with whoever in order to reverse engineer these things. I think owners of old HP workstations would greatly benefit from even basic bios modifications.

Attached is a ZIP of the BIOS BINs for both the z600 (7g4) and z800 (7g5) workstations for anyone that is willing to take a look for me that has more experience in reverse engineering/identifying bios files. With my luck its probably something stupid like AMIbios with a different header or something.

bioses.zip (1.79 MB)

@Valyrym :
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I am sorry, but I am not even able to open your attached BIOS files.
Maybe someone else is able to help you.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

+1 if someone is able to mod bios, weird enough they did update latest bios in 2016, last update was 2014…
new bios update: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/publi…nvOid=4060#tab4

For me i’ve been trying to search anywhere but have not found any third part modded bioses for this beast of an workstation!
Its a longshot but holy shit if i could modify multipliers for this comp. would be awesome.