Huananzhi Gaming X99-TF 3061F microcode issue with QEY8 CPU

Hoping this is the right place to post.
Looking for help on editing the Huananzhi Gaming X99-TF BIOS to work with an QEY8 cpu. Currently, I am facing the problem that the cpu is being recognized as a 14 core processor, however, it’s supposed to be an 18 core unit. Somehow 4 cores are being ignored. I’ve posted a few pictures of the cpu itself up here. It does seem like it’s a genuine Intel cpu, but there’s not much info available on it except for many ebay listings advertising it as an ES 2696 v3 equivalent.
Please note that in the screenshot under the Turbo Ratio Limits field the max turbo clock is defined as 27x (4-18c)

The cpu id is recognized as 306F1. Factory bios has the latest microcode revision for 306F1. You can find the factory bioses here
I’ve tried removing the microcode for 306f1, but could not get the system to post. It hangs on error code 79 and requires reflashing via CH431A to get it to boot again.

Not sure on what to try next, perhaps older microcode revision? Haven’t been able to find any and it seem’s like I’m not the only one facing this isssue. A quick google search picks up more cases with huananzhi motherboards and this cpu.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello mantas.

Your cpu is not a QEY8 but a QDCS (look at your screenshots). It is an very early stepping (probably 306f0), engineering sample version of 2695 v3 and is 14 core processor.

More info :