I can't change the serial number on my motherboard

Hello, I really wanted to change the serial of my motherboard (H81M-CS-BR (Asus)) But I can’t, I’ve tried everything from dmiedit to paid programs and n I can change the serial of the motherboard!
NOTE:Bios n has the option to exchange
NOTE 2: I’m using Google Translator (I’m Brazilian)

@Gxnio : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Why do you want to change the serial number of your mainboard?
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Why I was banned from the game unfairly because my partner was cheating and I didn’t know

We do not help users to circumvent the restrictions, when the related person has been banned by another Forum/Community.
Furthermore I doubt, that it is ok for the related mainboard manufacturer, if you manipulate the serial number of their device.