I can't downgrade intel me firmware on asus motherboard

Hi, i was try to using 8th-9th gen cpus on h270 asus motherboard which doesn’t have flashback option. So;

I was put 8th-9th gen microcodes via coffe lake 0.92 in latest bios, and flashed via afuwin64 app. Flash well but when i’m gonna inside bios, it still looks latest firmware 11.8 and i need 11.7 to use because 11.8 blocking the support 8th and 9th cpus.

Anyone can help? Thank you so much.

@chinobino @Lost_N_BIOS

@monacodoom Asus motherboards have several BIOS locks that prevent you from flashing certain regions (such as ME) using software.

You will need to use a SPI flash programmer (such as a ch134a, which is very cheap) and a SOP8 testclip to flash the entire BIOS chip.

Make sure to record your motherboard’s MAC address, UUID and serial number somewhere so you don’t lose them if the modified BIOS flash should fail for any reason.

Cannot modify software, only hardware it’s the only way you said? Okay, i’ll try. One more question, modding bios file with Coffee lake 0.92 application is okay or can you advice much better app?


@monacodoom Hardware flash only yes.

CoffeeTime is very good, I recommend using it.