I have a dead Notebook because of a BIOS update failure

Hello, I’M a new member
It all started when I was updating my BIOS
during the update something went wrong the laptop has been turned off suddenly …
Now when I try to turn my Notebook on
Igot the capsLock LED blinking twice then stop for a couple seconds then it blinks again twice
The display is black and blank it shows absolutely nothing
the wireless button LED stays orange
(searched that and found out that this is a BIOS failure problem)
- I tried to Recover the notebook BIOS using a key press combination
but after several attempts No thing have changed
- I tried to put a BIOS recovery on a USB flash drive by a HP BIOS update utility but using another laptob but in the prosses I got all options grayed out
I’m not sure if it’s even going to work but it’s the last thing I know to try
My notebook Info:
HP 350G1
It is HP so the mother board is too
I really appriciate and help and suggstion
Thanks in advance

@ MahmoudDumani:
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I cannot help you, but I hope, that you will get support by a BIOS recovery expert.

Dieter (alias Fernando)