I have an ES Laptop+CPU with PRE Intel ME FW installed, can I change it to PRD one?

So I just got an ES Laptop. It is a Thinkpad P15g (an ES of T15g gen 1). It also has QTJ2 ES CPU. I tried to update the ME FW form lenovo but when updating it always give me an error “Error 243 : Unexpected internal FW occurred. Object was not found”. When I run MeInfo, it was running a PRE firmware. Can I change it to PRD one? the Meinfo output is inside the zip file (since i am not allowed to attach txt).

MEInfoPRE.zip (2.5 KB)


not even clean me first and replace it with PRD FW by using a SPI progammer?

That would only work if you exchange the PCH with a non-pre PCH (but then you’d possibly have to exchange the cpu, too)

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I do have a 10300H lying around from a dead motherboard. but yeah, i don’t think I can buy WM490 PCH in my country. But if I got one, what I need to do are replace both pch and CPU, clean me and replace it with PRD FW, right?