I have two BIOS I need hopefully modded

I have been reading a lot here but I think I’m ready to take the plunge and attempt it myself.

BIOS1- GA-MA78GM-USH2. Not a bad board at all for overclocking locked Phenom II/Athlon II gives enough vcore to fry’em. However if you try and run an Athlon X2 64 socket AM2 it only gives up to 1.55v presumably to avoid frying Brisbane chips as they don’t tolerate much more than that. Windsors however can tolerate much more. So I’m thinking there might be a way to expand vCore options for AM2 chips.


BIOS2 - I need Xeon microcode added to GA-EX38-DQ6


@OptyTrooper - For the MA78GM-USH2, looks like (CPU NB VID & CPU Voltage Control) +0.6V is the highest possible option (non hidden from you). Someone else might be able to increase those, but it’s above my skillset

Here is mod BIOS EX38-DQ6 F4b, all microcodes updated and Xeon 771 added


Flash from DOS using FlashSPI, or from Qflash within BIOS