I need a bios .bin/.rom for a HP EliteBook G3 (No password)

I have a hp 820 G3 laptop but the bios have a password
I already try the sites as https://bios-pw.org/ and others

I have a CH341A spi programmer and hot air soldering station, I have a W25Q128 sop chip but I don’t have the bios in rom format :cry:

The bios from hp is encrypted, I don’t have the soft for decrypt this bios

If you have this soft/bios I will be very happy !!!

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

@_marco027 - Dump your BIOS with programmer and send me copy, this way I can transfer over your system details to new BIOS for you.
Some HP have two BIOS chips too, if you find two send me dump of both as BIOS is often split in the middle between both chips.

This BIOS is not encrypted, but the file from HP is not complete BIOS anyway (only BIOS region = 9MB)