I need a modified driver of iaStorVD.sys for windows 7

I have a newer 11th gen computer that will refuse to boot windows 7-8 unless I use windows to go, the driver is known as Intel RST VMD Controller 9A0B and Intel RST VMD Managed Controller 9A0B
it is hardware ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9A0B&SUBSYS_153B1025
I have been searching for at least a year for a driver.
The closest I saw was Modded Intel AHCI and RAID Drivers (digitally signed) - Important Drivers / Specific: Intel AHCI/RAID Drivers - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)
but it doesn’t have iaStorVD.sys for Intel RST VMD Controller 9A0B

@blackant02 Welcome to the Win-Raid Forum!
The Intel RST VMD driver named iaStorVD.sys is completely different from the “normal” Intel RST AHCI/RAID drivers and does not work at all with older Windows Operating Systems like Win7 or Win8/8.1.
Conclusion: I cannot help you, because I can only modify simple text files like the *.INF ones, but not real drivers (= *.SYS file).
As you have realized yourself, the combination of modern hardware with an outdated Windows OS is not always a good idea.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

I was able to disable VMD but I need a non VMD Driver to support My PC.