i219v win10 drivers on Win7

Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible to have the Intel (12) i219-V drivers on Win7. Indeed on one of my PC I decided to reinstall Win7, I could put all my drivers except those related to my network card. I know that the drivers I have are not compatible with Windows 7. I have already tried to modify the .inf file which allowed me to install the driver for the first time but then I have the error code 39. I wanted to know if you have an idea to help me
I thank you for taking the time to read me!

There is an older driver from 2017 that Intel published on their forums that supports Windows 7, here it is just realized you mentioned it has (12), nvm

I’m also in this boat sadly.
It’s really stupid this issue. The i219v has been around for years but on the Asus Tuf b460 it has a DEV_0D55.
Someone asked about it on the Intel support pages only to be fobbed off by them first saying it was down to Asus to provide them, and then when the person asking got heated then they said it needed the chipset drivers installed first. I know for a fact that is complete rubbish because I have an Asus B460 Prime upstairs with the identical cpu in it, but that uses a Realtek Ethernet card instead and Realtek produce the Win7 driver which works perfectly without chipset drivers, as I could never find a proper Win7 chipset driver for the B460. Personally, on a side note, and this is only my extremely personal opinion, but I find it absolutely disgusting how this conspiracy between Microsoft, Intel, Asus, & other companies to force everyone towards Win10/11 is going. MS, I can to a degree understand, but these other companies are merely hardware companies. If they can make Linux drivers for these devices, then they should have a duty of care to also make older Win versions, it’s not as though they need to completely rewrite the drivers themselves, after all as proven by modified drivers. Surely it’s a matter of simply amending inf files, making sure the hashes are ok, and a whql cert is valid for signing. If Win 10+ didn’t have so much telemetry in it, then I would actually give them a go but all the time they insist on spyware I have no interest.

Anyway, I know it is only the device driver inf for the i219v in Win7 that needs modifying to incorporate the new DEV Id that for some reason it now has. I’m also trying at the moment to modify a couple of possible driver sets by changing the .inf files accordingly. Not too sure how it will go as I’m a little rusty on forcing unsigned drivers in windows.

The 2 possibles I am looking into at the moment are:
the last “all version” drivers that Intel released which have Win7 drivers (on their site they list the i219v as being compatible, yet 0D55 is not included in the inf files anywhere - idiots)
and the Win10 version of the drivers, which should work if only I could figure out how to heavily modify the install files.

If, however, someone has already solved this issue, I would be eternally grateful.

I should also add, I am not using GPT on my install.
I am using MBR, and therefore I am legacy booting with CSM enabled and secure boot disabled.