I2C touchpad driver for windows 7 or Windows 8.1

Recently I have purchased a Lenovo IdeaPad s145, which came with Windows 10. I tried to downgrade it to windows 7, but I had no luck with drivers. So I decided to try and install windows 8.1 and most drivers work, main driver I need is the touchpad driver. Can someone please try and help me find the driver for windows 8.1, if you can for windows 7 that would be even better but I’m happy with windows 8.1.

@Justin74676 :
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If you want a driver for a specific device (here: Touchpad), you should give us some more information about the device (manufacturer = VEN_XXXX and exact model = DEV_XXXX).
Which are the HardwareIDs? You get them by running the Device Manager, right-clicking onto the device and choosing the options "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs".
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There are two drivers not sure which one is for the touchpad.
Synaptics HID Device:


I2C HID Device:


I have an IdeaPad 320 which needs to be downgraded as well and I wonder if they can be updated with the same driver? If you find an update could you please share it with me too? My device is located in my house in Portugal now and I’m using another device, could I do the update remotely?

I’m afraid you’d have to bite the pill and use Windows 10 if you want to use the driver for your touchpad, or keep using 8.1 but use the standard driver.
Alternatively you could trust on Snappy Driver Installer Origin and hope that it finds an appropriate driver for Win8.1: https://www.snappy-driver-installer.org/
Of course - with great power comes great responsibility, so choose the driver to install wisely.

Better to grab the device IDs from a supported system, it’s easier to identify them by their descriptions.

Also make sure you change the View -> Devices by connection in Device Manager and tells us all the devices in the tree.

This is important because the manufacturer may write the ACPI table in way that some devices get hidden on an unsupported OS. It’s not rare to reach a dead end.

I found that the touch pad driver works on Linux. Is it possible to port the driver from Linux to Windows 7. If it is possible I’ll be willing to pay someone to port the driver from Linux to Windows 7.

Is it AMD or Intel? I got it working on my AMD laptop.