i3-10110u - Windows 7 request


Here is my laptop specs :

Acer TravelMate P215-52
Intel UHD 630 / i3-10110U

For now here is where I am.

I moved from Optane to AHCI in bios using the CTRL+S trick in main menu, i removed the NVMe SSD and used my SATA SSD.

I used Windows 7 image updater tool and have installed windows 7 without any issue.

The pc reboots after install, and now…

I had the issue with the RED LINE and PC rebooting, i also tried in safe mode, same issue, red line and pc reboot at ahcix64s.sys loading.

I tried the UEFISEVEN mod found on github, now the red line is gone, so something is done, but pc still rebooting in normal and safe mode, same place “ahcix64s.sys”.

I don’t know what to do now, I’m stuck. I need to run windows 7 because my app don’t support Windows 8/10.

And also, I love this operating system.

Thank’s !

UP, someone can help me with this ? I really need to use windows 7

Run Windows 7 when the legacy boot support is on.

I can’t set up Legacy Boot on my computer

Why not?