i5 9400f for msi z170 a pro (non-gaming)

Hello its my first post,
As u know we cant use i5 9400f on my motherboard even tho the socket is the same.
I know its pretty easy to flash a msi bios with a usb stick and m-flash feature in the bios.
Can someone make me that mod for me or link it, I am back from a long day of work and I dont find any of theses msi with 9400f method on google.
Thx yall for the help

I was asked to make a new thread so here it is. (Dont be rude with me I am a bit slow with new concepts x) )

Z170-A PRO updated microcodes, based on bios 7971v1K (2018-07-16)

Z170-A PRO specs

I got an issue, the cpu is still not working on my mobo.
When I do the bios update witg m-flash it go till the end and restart but the bios displayed is the 07/10/2018 and not the 02/20/2021 u gave me. I think the update didnt applied somehow

Let me get it right.
You have successfully flashed it then reseted the cmos
Result, cpu is not accepted
I did not understand the last part though,what are the dates for.if its date for bios,that wont change as well as the version number.they will remain the same
Let me check the modded bios again

Z170-A PRO (9400variants only) cpu906XX

My cpu is the i5 9400f 100% sure.
I used msi M-flash to install the new bios and did a bootable usb to install but the cpu is still not working.
The "Ez debug" LED is red for the cpu, the fans start to spin but the pc shutdown as soon as it start when I plug the i5 9400f

please try the new one,sounds like wrong microcode problem.easy to solve
i cant add all variants cause of limited space (1 missing now,cross your fingers :D)

I tried to install mod_E7971IMS.1K0 bios u sent me it didnt worked cause it wasnt found by M-flash or bootable usb exe so I changed his name to E7971IMS.exe, the bios installed with M-Flash then the pc restarted I got no video output, I was like ok wathever but even with this bios I get the same issue, pc wont boot with the i5 9400f even with the new bios installed and now I got no video output

@Skuskuboy please flash the file at #4

Thats what I have done, the 9400 variant one

I have updated that file just now.try it again please

Hello…i dont want to be rude on the subject and help from all users is always welcome here, but correct me if im wrong @onuracengiz , ur offering here a simply insertion of a mcode
on a non-offical chipset (6/7Gen) support to this cpu 9th Gen, thats it added a mcode and the Z170 will boot it?

EDIT: Oh i see…that seems a very straight solution u got here, im sure that all the users on the following forum topics will need to hear from u then on this subject…

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Thats true.no success is guaranteed.which i have mentioned #2.rest is up to the user,the know-hows and possibilities,including the risks @MeatWar
Edit: you are right.i will stop

Well the problem now is that I have no video output and my USB key isnt being booted on even tho I removed the hard drive, I did shortcut on JBAT1 and removed CMOS battery multiple time

Like @MeatWar reminded above,rest is out of hands.you are going to need different gop module (reason for output problems),achi table modification (peripherals’ problems) please head to given guide links