I7 6700 bclk oc on asrock z170 k4/please help

I got new asrock z170 fatal1ty gaming k4 with 7.00 bios,if I downgrade bios with programmer to 2.60(or earler version?)will sky oc work ?(i heard even if u downgrade from new bios to previous sky oc dont work because of microcode,dont know if ths true),and if it will work I dont need modded bios than ?

To use the ‘sky oc’ function for the ASRock Z170 Fatal1ty Gaming K4 you need BIOS L2.23 which has since been removed from ASRock’s website.

Luckily a Korean message board still has the ASRock ‘sky oc’ (non-k oc) BIOS listed on this page.

The problem isn’t with downgrading the microcode, it is with downgrading to a lower BIOS version and Intel ME FW version.

You can try using Instant Flash to downgrade the BIOS and if that won’t allow the downgrade you will likely need to use Intel’s FPT.