i7 ES support

I am new here, but you seem to be the masters. I have i7 ES sandy, same specification as i5, but 8 threads, unlocked. I had Gigabyte P67A-D3-B3, but… The processor was working on regular bios, but not on latest beta UEFI. Regular bios does not allow to go over 1600 for ram for some reason, no matter what tricks/options I used. I ended up with dead motherboard after playing with microcodes (I have an i5 2400 as a fail safe - still dead). I know, I can get rid off this processor, but I want to win! I had a chance to check it on MSI ZH77A-G41 - it’s working fine. Now I have ASUS P8P67 Rev. 3.0, but it doesn’t work. What are my options?

What CPUID does your ES CPU have?

Well, I cannot check right now, because the board is dead. All I have left is CPU-Z screen. Maybe that will help.