[IDEA] to promote the forum

Hi people it’s me again!
I have and idea to promote the forum
Why don’t you do a bios database with every bios or work that you do with the image of the forum in the boot of the bios or where a logo can fit, to promote the forum and website with the authors of the words to spread your talent over the internet and other forums?

Tell me what you think

I promote this site on another tech one - guru3d. Every time someone there has troubles or confusion with BIOS/storage/IMEI/USB I point him to corresponding win-raid thread.

I did something similar with a discord forum. This forum is awesome

Nah, Win-Raid is not dedicated to BIOS modding like bios-mods for example. Even then, such an idea will have many negative aspects such as a lot more work/infrastructure, “bloat” naming/branding in modded BIOS, inability to verify that the forum name is not used at inferior/bad mods etc. As all of you mentioned, the best you can do is “word of mouth”. Basically bring more people over here via suggestions when you believe that we can be of help to the issue they’re facing. Regardless, thank you for your interest in promoting the good work everyone has been doing here over the years.