Identification of the "Gurus" among the Forum members

@ all Forum members:

The nick names of the Forum Admin(s) and Moderator(s) have been recently colored by me to make it easier for all Forum visitors to realize,
a) which Forum members are actually doing this job and
b) which one of them is online or not.
The nick name of a Mod is currently shown in green color, whereas the Admin(s) can be identified by a blue colored nick name.

It was GlitchyHack, the maker of the "UEFI Download Tool", who had the idea to colorize the nick names of the BIOS tool developers as well. This way everyone would see at once, if such programming expert is actually online or not.
Question: What do you think about this idea?

Unless I get a better suggestion from your side, I would create a new Forum member group named "Developer" with an especially colored nick name and add all known software developers to this group.
These are the Forum members, which definitively would belong to that group: SoniX, CodeRush, GlitchyHack and CPL0. If I should have forgotten anyone, please let me know it.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Well, I am software developer, but not system-level one and only in Windows` world. PowerShell scripts, tools on C++/C# which use WinAPI, WMI, registry tweaks, in form of console applications, user-mode system services.

I think @lordkag must also be added to developers or bios gurus group, he totally deserves it.
Personally I do like nickname coloring as a reward for some good things done to the community, but it should not be limited to software development.

Initially I thought about lordkag as well but did not say anything since he usually does not want to call himself developer or programmer. Unless I’m wrong, in that case he certainly deserves a custom title.

@ CodeRush:

I totally agree with you: Our Forum member lordkag has to be added to the especially colored "Special Experts". Maybe we should name this new group "Gurus" instead of "Developers".

@ mbk1969, @ CodeRush and @ plutomaniac:
Thanks for your positive and helpful contributions.

@ all:
As a consequence of our short discussion I just have created a new Forum member group "Gurus", whose members can be identified by their purple colored nick name.
Actually the following Forum members belong to this new Guru group (in alphabetical order): CodeRush, CPL0, GlitchyHack, lordkag and SoniX.
If you think, that anyone else should be added to this group now or at any time, please post it into this thread or send me a PM.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

@ all:

Since nuhi, the devoloper of famous tools like nLite, vLite an NTLite, is a member of our Forum, I have just given him the purple "Guru" coat.
I hope, that this is ok for you.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

@ Pacman and @ ex58 (alias Stasio):

You are very active Forum members since the beginning in May 2013 and give us the fresh links to the newest drivers, BIOS modules and Firmware versions. That is why you belong to the "Guru" group as well.
Thank you very much for your long-term support and welcome in the Win-RAID Forum "Guru Club"!

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Recently I deleted all my files on my cell phone by mistake. There are many important photos on it. I want to recover them back. When searching on the Internet and find a web page which introduce XXXXXX (Product name and Link deleted by Fernando). I have no idea about I should try XXXXX as it says or anyone who have an useful way can help me? Thanks a lot.

@ fedy:

If you want help, you should better start a new thread within >this< Sub-Forum and give it a meaningful title like “Need help: Cell Phone Data Recovery”.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)