Imac 27" late 2015 --> Coffeelake mod?

Hi Guy’s,

I have an Imac 5K late 2015 at hands.…2015-specs.html
It surprised me to see that it uses a Z170 chipset.
However, it is using ddr3 so-dimms.

Since apple efi firmware’s are probably not your regular uefi bios, I’m wondering if it would be possible to mod it, so I can use a i5-9500 on it?
anyone who tried this before?

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The problem is that there’s not much known about these firmwares, but it should be possible. It will have to be manually modified though as very few UEFI tools work on these.

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You know that apple sometimes firmware locked it’s cpu, even with the same CPU you have right now, they might have locked it so that it wont boot with another cpu.

on regular DIY mobos you could mod the bios using coffeetime app, and assign the pads needed to be isolated at some specific motherboards. since apple is a closed source, you should try to find somewhere else to know which is which to isolate, that is even IF you could mod the bios.

best guess is to stay on Skylake cpus, cause like laptops with socket instead of solder in the past (ivy/haswell era), you could only change the cpu with the same architechture even IF the socket are supporting it.