In need for a bios mod - K53SV v3.0

I’m in need for some help regarding a bios for a K53SV v3.0 motherboard.
I recently converted my motherboard using a dis to uma guide.
After disabling the nvidia chip, the fan goes to 100%. As I understood from searching solutions for this effect, there is a missing signal from the thermal sensor witch was connected to the GPU.
I tried this unlocked bios and while playing with the thermal configuration, hit a dead end… I don’t know what to modify… I kinda tried to modify everything in there but fan speed is still at 100%.
I don’t actually need an unlocked bios but I do need a modified bios that enables just the that single thing regarding the CPU thermal sensor. For now I inserted a 1N4148 diode between the fan port and the 5V pin of the fan. The voltage dropped to 4V and the fan is less noisy.
I’m not much of an expert, but I tried to locate in the the modules that handle the fan using MMtool and UEFITool, but did not go too far. I thought that maybe replacing some modules from another bios would fix the issue.
The attached (re-uploaded) bin file is the first 1572864 bytes of my original bios stitched with the 2621440 bytes bios downloaded from Asus (version 320) that was extracted (the first 1572864 bytes) and written (resulted dump full 4194304 bytes) with flashrom on a RpiZero.
If someone who knows what they’re doing could take a look, I would very much appreciate it. I really don’t want to go and butcher more of the mainboard.
Thank you in advance. (1.7 MB)