Inconsistent mouse frequency - BIOS problem?

Hello Fernando nice too met you I’m Yuriy a guy from Venezuela which my English is not that good, i came here because a friend Zavtraman from a post that i made in which it is an inconsistent mouse hertz, i will highly, highly appreciate if you can give it a look, because it seems to be the bios of my motherboard asrock ab350 fatality k4 gamming, which has some locked bios options or i dont know

Can you give a look, thank you so much, the post that i made is very organized and clean, and it is a short thread.


Hope you can guidance me a little be, because we may have the same problem with inconsistent mouse hz :frowning: also games are like choppy.

@x58haze :
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I am sorry, but I cannot help you regarding your input device problem.
My advice: Contact the ASRock Support and asak them for a soplution.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

P.S.: I have moved your post into the “Off Topic” Sub-Forum and gave it a new title, because your problem has nothing to do with the thread, where it had been posted.