Increase performance Acer Nitro 5, adding a SATA 3

Hello everyone, in my quest to find ways to increase performance, and having already inquired about the BIOS, I came across a forum post discussing the benefits of adding a SATA 3 SSD and how it improved the performance of the Nitro 5 515-55.

The post reads as follows: “Hello, for me the issue was with the (M.2 SSD) and the HDD. I upgraded the HDD to a SATA 3 SSD and installed Windows 10 on the SATA 3. To achieve good FPS in games, I installed only the Windows 10 updates, no external drivers, and set the graphics settings to high performance for the games I play. I used to have 30-40 FPS on CS:GO with very low graphics settings, and now I have 120+ on high settings.”

Do you think it’s possible to see a significant improvement, considering my BIOS is in “RAID” mode with only one SSD? Thank you!

Thats it, if no second SATA slot, no RAID setting using a single disk will improve it.

Does the model have any other storage interface options besides a single SATA disk, a M.2 PCIe NVMe or as i mentioned a second SATA interface for another disk?
Available options differ across specific number models, besides Nitro 5 515-xx.

If this the same motherboard, you can have a RAID 0 with 2 PCIe NVMe disk as above image, usually 10 to 25% increased performance, it varies from disks used and chipset/drivers.

EDIT: What part you don’t understand??? There is no benefits of using RAID mode in a system not using a RAID array.

If the bios settings are by default set as RAID, leave it, its prepared for building RAID.
An OS that was set in initially using one or other mode, should not be touched unless performing a new clean OS installation.

The system has 3 storage interfaces, it can be set as AHCI or RAID as follows:

AHCI mode (No RAID, independent disks)
Slot 1 HDD disk or SATA Disk
Slot 2 PCIe NVMe / Slot 3 PCIe NVMe

RAID mode 0 for performance across 2 disks in 1 using both disks size
RAID mode 1 for backup across 2 disks as mirror using the smallest disk size as total, only one disk is visible.
Slot 1 HDD disk or SATA Disk
Slot 2 and 3 PCIe NVMe as RAID 0/1 as one disk

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thanks, i’m noob ! help me a lot