[Info Request] Unlock All Menu Ami Aptio V Bios

I to all.
I Have read guide in the forum but, for my ignorance, i don’t understood all.

A) For unlock menu use AMIBcp

B) But is not enough for unlock Chpiset Menu

C) And not i 'dont understeed how need…
_I Must buy a external flash programmer
_I Followe this guide [Guide] Clean dumped or extracted Intel Engine region images of Initialization data
or other guide.

Thanks a lot for help and patience.

Need help to unlock Chipset Tab on uefi ami bios aptio


For unlock menu AMI Aptio V need tools version 5 !
I make in Windows 7 x86

For BIOS dump use - afuwingui v. 5.08.00
For edit BIOS dump use - AMIBCP 5.01.

1. Make Mother Menu folder - Rights Default to USER. (For example: Mother menu - SETUP - make Access USER for Chipset).
2. Open Folder Mother menu and go in next folder menu there Chipset - make Access USER.
3 Open next menu etc… all the way to the needed menu. All steps access - USER

For example: Push SETUP folder — Chipset(Access USER) —Push Chipset folder----System Agent Configuration(Access USER) — Push System Agent Configuration----Graphics Configuration(Access USER) ----Push Graphics Configuration-----LCD Control(Access USER)-----Push LCD Control----Panel Color Depth(Access USER). All steps hide menu need Access USER.

4. Save BIOS dump and flash.

Result menu: SETUP - Chipset - System Agent Configuration - Graphics Configuration - LCD Control - Panel Color Depth - Hide Menu