Install Bios Mod .bin on Asrock Z170 Formula OC

Hello, I recently bought a processor of these 10TH cometa lago QTJ1 The seller sent me the modified bios for my board but it is in .bin format In the tutorial I saw, it said that I only had to install it normally but when I tried it, it did not appear the seller told me he needed a programmer, is there no way to install it in the traditional way? Thank you


U bougth a processor from a store…OK, do u think we need the store name to help u?
How about tell us the processor model, must we guess it?
Why the hell the seller offer u a bios file…dont tell me its a “special” processor…

Asrock cpu support list

Latest Bios 7.60

ASRock BIOS Upgrade Instruction

Aliexpres 10TH cometa lago QTJ1


@TheVazh - If your buying CPU like that, you should already be the type of person that owns CH341A or other flash programmer.
You need flash programmer, or do pinmod to unlock FD so you can write entire BIOS via FPT
If you go the flash programmer route, you also need “U Type Flat IC Extractor” so you can pull out a BIOS chip safely.

OR, you can ask your CPU seller, to sell you one pre-programmed DIP8 BIOS, with the BIOS he’s made for you to use.
If you do this, tell him for best compatibility you want it done on a BIOS chip with one of the following chip ID’s
EF4017 (Winbond W25Q64)
EF4018 (Winbond W25Q128)
C22018 (Macronix MX25L128)

Hello, thank you very much, I asked and he told me that he required the full registration because at the end it contained letters, do you know what it is?
i asked in ebay and i see a post of one chip preprogrammed for my asrock but he say this