Install H87M-PRO BIOS on M51AC

I currently own an Asus M51AC motherboard.
When I updated the BIOS some time ago I noticed that the BIOS file name was:


Whereas H87M-PRO's one is:

After some research, I noticed that the M51AC motherboard was infact a rebranded H87M-PRO motherboard.
I'd like to know if there is a way to force install the BIOS since it would offer me a little bit more customizing options and settings.
I also found this superuser thread where a guy wanted to do the same thing and he was suggested to either try with a chip programmer or with the Aptio 4 tool.
The second method seems easier to me as it also does not require a chip pogrammer (which I don't have).
Before doing anything stupid tho I'd like to have some other opinions on what to do, what are the chances of bricking, and what to do in case something wrong happens.