Install Windows 7 on Optiplex 5070 "Not fully ACPI compliant"

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if it is possible to somehow install Windows 7 PRO on Dell Optiplex 5070.
I have created a bootable USB with all the drives recommended here. (USB 3.1, NVME, etc) but at boot I always get the error 0A5 "… not fully ACPI compliant"
I have disabled secure boot and enabled legacy.
Is there anything else i can try?

The specs of the PC are:
Intel Core i7-9700, Q370 Chipset, Coffee Lake Refresh (9th gen.)
NVIDIA GeForce® GT 730, 2GB, LP (DP / DP)
Intel UHD 630



there is a modded acpi.sys driver you can try - @canonkong can help with that.

Thanks @infuscomus , I searched here on the forum but i couldn’t figure out if there is a modded acpi.sys compatible with my system.

@canonkong can you help me?

thanks in advance for your help