Installation Windows XP x32 on Intel X99?

Hello to all.
Tell me, is it possible to install Windows XP on Intel X99?

Intel Core i7-6850K

AHCI driver will take from Fernando.
What problems can I encounter?

Sounds like you have a skylake cpu. You will get ACPI BSoD A5 error (don’t worry it will not brick your computer). Have you got modded acpi.sys for this? If not I will upload the acpi.sys (took from diderius6) for you.

Here is the modded acpi.sys. But at first, try without hacked acpi.sys. If you get BSoD copy acpi.SY_ to the i386 folder (don’t forget to change the extension to SY_). If you have got windows vista+ installation disk copy the ACPI.SYS to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS if not you have to make a cab.

f45t4035p84089n2_TJVrMQmx.rar (113 KB)

I have not bought a motherboard and processor yet.
I only think about future problems.

Tell me, if there is an Intel Core i7-5820K 22nm processor, then there will be problems with ACPI?

I’m not sure 5820k runs Windows XP but 4790K with Z87 is the best CPU motherboard combo that has working drivers for Windows XP.

Here is the video from PhilsComputerLab:

Note: You have an advantage to Overclock the cpu because in the video he is using the non-k cpu.


I think X99 can install XP but not 100% if ACPI is compatible or not. But only way to tell is to get one and find out and let us know.

Someone installed it before I believe. I think ACPI was working.